Friday, March 27, 2009

Our new "Club House"

An addition to our site...
We needed a place to put all of the items we were pulling out from under the RV or falling over in the RV!! The garage door is perfect for our in the distant future golf cart! Our flower garden is growing and we are working on a watering system to take care of the flowers when we are absent. We just wish we could find a way to keep the grass out while we are up in Virginia.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Florida Vacation pics

Crab lovers are ready to eat! We enjoyed lunch with Kim & Matt and their children on Monday before they flew back to Richmond (in a snow storm!)

James & Diane and their little ones are ready for a fun day at Sea World.

Picking oranges with James' family...

...a visit to Poppy & Memaw's home
Logan is our little helper... ...when asked if she is Poppy's girl, this is what we see!

...a visit to the Magic Kingdom

Who's driving?
Poppy, when does the parade begin?

With the parade was 15 minutes late starting, the "indians" were getting restless...

Memaw and Nolan

Finally the parade begins!

...the parade was too much for Faith!

It has been a long day!
Faith liked this spot in the kitchen!

More Florida visitors!

The end of February also brings James, Diane, Logan, Nolan and Faith arriving by auto. They were ready to settle in at the Westgate Lakes Resort. We were there to greet them!

Can we go swimming? A day at Disney World! Lunch at T-Rex!

Florida Visitors

At the end of February, Kim, Matt, Judson, Abbie & Kenny arrived at the Orland International Airport. We were there to meet them! A great weekend was planned starting with a visit to our home in Clermont.

After lunch, we head to the orange grove to pick oranges.

We drop the Coleman's off at the Marriott for the night and we all plan to meet at the Westgate Lakes Resort on Friday evening.